For over 30 years, we have been striving to offer the product quality that is beyond market standard. Thanks to our highly experienced frame builders and extremely strict testing, we are able to monitor and control every detail during the production process, from carbon fiber weaving to finished bikes with the most advanced manufacturing technologies in Taiwan. This has enabled us to confidently bring our bikes to the doorstep of the dealers and customers.

At DIZO we do everything to create excellence.


road bikes DIZO tech FEA

To develop the most suitable carbon layup, our engineers utilizes the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) to simulate the stiffness and the possible weakness of the frame when designing the frame and structure. The carbon layup is then adjusted based on the analysis result by using different properties of carbon materials to find its best balance between stiffness, performance and comfort. This is one key factor that enables DIZO R&D engineers to keep improving the products and increasing the quality of the frame manufacturing.


road bikes DIZO dual mold

Dual Mold Forming Technology

The high molecular polymer has been used for the frame structure forming to create a smooth inner surface. It ensures the precision as well as tightness of carbon lamination and also reduces the areas that have to be spliced. As a result, the frame weight decreases but with the stiffness increase.

road bikes DIZO tech cnt

Nano Carbon Foundation – CNT Tech

DIZO utilizes CNT (Carbon Nanotubes) technology and adds it into epoxy resin of the frame, in which CNT fill the gaps in the structure and therefore less epoxy resin is required. CNT not only leads to the decreased weight of the framesets, but also increases the excellent performances of the frame flex and its fracture toughness.

road bikes DIZO tech RT

Rear Triangle Impact Resistance

Strengthening Rear triangle of the frame has been tested by simulating different levels of tube deformation. The feedback and result are analyzed by DIZO engineers in order to strike a best balance between stiffness and flex of the rear triangle.

road bikes DIZO tech weight

Weight Balance Optimization

DIZO engineers have been testing repetitively to look for the perfect balance ratio of fork and frame weight for all bike designs. It is proven that the balance positively affects the general handling, agile and descending stability.

road bikes DIZO tech aero

Aero Compact Design

Taking the aerodynamic factor and the result of wind tunnel testing into consideration, which helped to design the curves of the tubes would best able to reduce the wind resistance. Teardrop section only applies to the front section as wind goes around, the rear section remain flat which leads to saving weight.


Each DIZO product is made of carbon fiber and manufactured by DIZO’s most professional and experienced craftsmen. Successful products are the result of teamwork. Our engineers, craftsmen and various professions are dedicated to achieve the best results in terms of quality during the production – the manufacturing of carbon fiber prepreg, the cutting and the layup of the prepreg, the forming of the frame, the spraying of the paint, and the strict quality standards as well as the bike assembly. There is no compromise when it comes to quality or safety. To ensure the quality of the bikes, the top quality of carbon fiber from Japan is selected for the frame structure. To ensure the safety of the riders, we carry out the quality standard that is 20% more strict than ISO and EN test standard to all bikes.

road bikes DIZO tech Xray

X-ray detection is implemented to examine whether there is any defect or air bubbles within the carbon layups in order to ensure the forming quality of the frames.

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