The process to the strongest bike, and lightest

Nano Optimally Reinforced Compaction (NORC) Carbon is DIZO’s sophisticated carbon composite process, which has been constantly developed over 30 years. By incorporating with different composite materials, we keep building and testing to understand the best balance in comfort, performance, elasticity, flexibility and responsiveness. Our development journey started with our first bike, and there will be no end to its development.

Why NORC Carbon?

NORC Carbon has strength, stiffness and comfort, while still remaining lightweight to satisfy the strict demands of high performance road bikes and its riders.

NORC plays a crucial role in DIZO lineup. DIZO’s engineering team has been spending countless time to perfect the construction of the carbon lamination with various carbon grades and different composite materials based on the specific focus of each model.

DIZO NORC carbon cutting

“Supported by Nanotech, reinforced with composite materials”

The process of NORC Carbon always starts with a selection of the best carbon fiber prepreg and materials. The prepreg is then cut from a large sheet into specific shapes that are combined with different carbon material (Toray T800, T1100, M40, etc.) and other reinforced composite materials.

One of the key Advantages of NORC Carbon is the elimination of gaps between the carbon threads. This means a greater power transition while riding and an increased durability of the carbon structure. We accomplish this by filling the Carbon prepreg with Carbon Nano Tubes in its resin which creates fully compressed layers to eliminate any gap..


Computational Carbon Shaping

“From precision cut to the lightest frame”

Precisely cut shapes not only reduce the weight, but it also increases the riding comfort, strength and stiffness.

DIZO utilizes Finite Element Analysis to simulate the stiffness and the possible weakness, which tells us how different shapes responds to different riding conditions and terrains.

Linking the analysis result with our fully automatic cutting machine, the carbon prepreg are computationally cut into shapes without any waste or increased weight on the finished frame.

DIZO NORC carbon cutting
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