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Warranty Period
  1. DIZO offers an extendable warranty period of 36 months from the date of purchase. Once the product registration is completed on DIZO’s website ( within 30 days from the date of purchase, the warranty period will be immediately changed to 6 years.
  2. If the defective product that is manufactured by DIZO is eligible for the warranty service after being evaluated and confirmed by DIZO, a free repair or a replacement will be granted. If the product is no longer manufactured, DIZO reserves the right to replace the defective product with a new product of equal value. ※ The products or parts that are not manufactured by DIZO are warranted by the original suppliers, DIZO will be contacting the original suppliers in case of the warranty issues.
  3. Please properly keep the warranty card, invoice or the proof of purchase in order to protect the right and interests of both parties.
  4. DIZO reserves the right of the final decisions on providing the repair service or the replacement and model type of the replacement for the warranted product. DIZO also reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute.
Warranty Procedure
  1. Warranty application procedure: please send the photos of the product serial number on the warranty card and the underneath of the bicycle frame’s bottom bracket to the DIZO’s dealer where the product was purchased. The photos of where the product is defective or damaged must be attached. Once all are received by the local dealer, the warranty application process will be activated.
  2. If the product is not eligible for the warranty after DIZO’s evaluation, fees for the optional repair service or components replacement will be advised.
  3. When the unregistered product is eligible for the warranty and granted with a free repair or the replacement, the warranty period of this unregistered product remains unchanged which starts from the initial purchase date.
  4. Additional fees caused by necessary maintenance, transportation, or product malfunction due to man-made errors, are not covered by the warranty.
  5. All products and parts replaced under the warranty procedure become the property of DIZO.
Limitation of Liability
  1. Consumable parts that is not manufactured by DIZO are not covered by the warranty. Consumable parts include cassettes, chainwheels, chains, rims, hubs, spokes, handlebar tape, inner and outer tires, brake pads, brake cables and gear cables.
  2. Unable to show the warranty card, proofs of purchase and the date of purchase of the product.
  3. The product was not registered and its warranty has expired.
  4. The original specification, components or the frame painting of the product have been modified or repainted.
  5. If any defect or fault of the frame painting is not found within 7 days, the frame painting and the product appearance shall not be covered by the warranty.
  6. The product serial number has been removed, altered or blurred.
  7. The damages caused by the incompatible parts installed, the improper maintenance and the use of corrosive cleanser are not covered by the warranty.
  8. The paint of the frame wears off or the color of the components fades away due to the inappropriate storage and long term use.
  9. The product serial number indicated on the warranty card or the proof of purchase does not correspond to the number shown underneath the bottom bracket.
Damages caused by the below reasons
  1. Damage caused by excessive use or inappropriate, man-made errors and negligence.
  2. Damage caused by unauthorized components/parts and modifying of the product.
  3. Deterioration due to normal wear and tear, and faded and rusty surface.
  4. Damage caused by heavily loaded on the product.
  5. Damage caused by faces of animal and plants, chemicals, air pollution and corrosion of salt water.
  6. The product has been repainted.
  7. Damage caused by act of god, such as fire, flood, wind, earthquake, or lightning, etc.
  8. Damage caused by failure to replace the consumable parts timely.
  9. Damage caused by riding in an inappropriate environment or ground.
  10. The seatpost was not properly installed according safety lines on its surface, which causes deformation and damage of the frame.
  11. Damage caused by impact with other objects, accident and misapplication.
  12. Damage caused by unauthorized repairs, maintenance, assembly and misuse of the torque wrench.
  13. DIZO has the right to revise terms and conditions without further notice.